About us

+ 1000 trips

In Subirte we have more than a thousand routes in eleven different destinations in two different countries in Latin America, and we continue to grow!

All options on the same platform

We take care of the hard work of finding all the options for you to travel peacefully, and we make them available so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Trusted partners

We rely on partner transportation companies to eliminate the anxiety of being new to a destination. Helping our users in complex, unknown transit systems, and reaching their final destination with just one click.

At Subirte, we love to travel. You can find the fastest, cheapest options or simply the ones that best suit you by bus, charter and plane to thousands of cities or towns throughout Latin America. Thus, you can save time and money!

Launched in 2016, and still positioning itself in the online market, Subirte is a practical, simple platform, without additional costs, </b> thus leading the online booking system for shuttles, minibuses, and long-distance buses, in personal and corporate trips, offering more than 100 transport companies and optimizing the time of the passengers through our <b> application available for Android and App Store, saving the waits, and the telephone calls.

Subirte allows you to easily compare all types of transportation, and book the option that is most convenient for your wallet and your schedule. From shared transportation to private transportation, Subirte has options for each type of traveler on a centralized platform, eliminating the need to switch between different applications.


Our mission is to remove anxiety and confusion from the local travel experience, creating a perfect platform allowing people to book a bus, combi, plane, shuttle, shared car, train, bicycle, any form of transport. In one place, regardless of the type of ticket required.

We have many transport providers on our web platform, and now mobile. If you are visiting Buenos Aires for work or vacationing in Brazil, we can help you navigate complex, unfamiliar transit systems and reach your final destination with a simple touch of a button.


  • Anxiety-Free Travel: Navigate new urban environments like a local.
  • Options for all travelers: from shared rides and buses to private and shared cars.
  • No more cash, no more paper: All e-tickets, right on your phone.
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